Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Well-trained garage door opener professionals for immediate emergency repairs and thorough opener maintenance

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our company is proud to provide our neighbors with quality garage door repair and replacement services.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We are the experts that you should call whenever you are in need of cleaning, maintenance or repairs on your garage door.

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Residential and commercial garage door technicians at your service

Key pointers that help you pick the right garage door at affordable prices for your contemporary or traditional home.

  • Properly Cleaning a Garage Door Track

    Garage door tracks should not be sprayed with lubricants as this can initiate the accumulation of dust particles that will eventually disrupt the proper functioning of the door. Instead, the track should be cleaned properly. When cleaning the track, the inside part of the track must be wiped with a damp cloth. To dry the track, wipe it with a clean dry cloth.

  • Changing keypad codes is important

    The experts of our garage door company in Douglasville insist that changing the personal code of your wireless garage door keypad is vital. Since you have the opportunity to change the passwords as often as you like, take this chance to be sure of your security. When you have small kids, for example, it is difficult to check whether they have shared the family code with unauthorized people.

  • Promote Smooth Operation with Simple Maintenance

    It is possible to prolong the lifespan of your opener system and keep it operating smoothly with some basic and regular maintenance. You should lubricate all moving parts including the hinges, springs, rollers and pulleys using a lightweight product. Also routinely check all fixings are tightly secured. This will help ensure smooth movement which can prolong the lifespan of components and allow your door to operate quieter.

  • Don’t postpone garage door repairs

    The devil always hides in the details, so don’t postpone the garage door service or to check where an annoying noise comes from. Take care of the small or big problems today to avoid hassle and garage door accidents tomorrow. It will come cheaper this way as well. 

  • Get proper garage door material

    Wood or steel? Aluminum or glass garage doors? These days all materials are durable and, therefore, your choice would depend on personal factors. You should not base your choice on appearances, but focus on the insulation of the door and the strength of springs and openers.

  • Keep your children absolutely safe

    Kids in young age have a great curiosity about everything and find garage doors very amusing. Though, the remote controls in their hands can be very dangerous tools and if you want to avoid accidents or even tears, you should keep them away from them.


  • Can you install the mechanism?

    Garage door installation is one of the hardest jobs because it requires very good knowledge of the material and the whole procedure, the proper tools, precision and some experience. You must be careful to avoid accidents and mistakes, which can make your garage doors dysfunctional.


  • Belt drive opener for silence

    When you spend time in your garage or you have transformed it into an office, you don’t want to get disturbed by the loud noise of the chain drive garage door opener. Garage Door Repair Douglasville would suggest getting a belt drive motor for completely silence.

  • Keep the children safe

    Keep them away from the garage door mechanism, maintain often the sensors and fix immediately the problems. That's the recommendations of Garage Door Repair Douglasville.


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