Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Well-trained garage door opener professionals for immediate emergency repairs and thorough opener maintenance

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our company is proud to provide our neighbors with quality garage door repair and replacement services.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We are the experts that you should call whenever you are in need of cleaning, maintenance or repairs on your garage door.

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Garage Doors Installations

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Replacing as well as installing new garage doors is done by Garage Door Repair Douglasville. We stock various kinds of door like steel, wood, glass, aluminium and craftsmen doors. If you are interested in buying a new one, we at Garage Door Repair Douglasville will be happy to help you out and get you the best fit for your needs.

Garage Doors Installations in GeorgiaWe provide quality garage door repair services at an affordable cost. A broken door problem can be difficult to deal with, not to mention pose as a serious security risk. Let our expert team be there as soon as humanly possible, and your security will never be compromised. Better still is to avail of our annual maintenance services where our technicians check every single component in detail so there is no unexpected malfunction. In case of repairs we are ready to assist on the same day in most cases, unless the repairs are too complex or the garage door needs a major revamp. Our trucks are fully stocked with quality parts and this is an assurance that the job will be done immediately.

Services that offer excellent garage door maintenance

Ask any Douglasville residents who ever used our professional services or guidance of Garage Door Repair Douglasville. We offer services related to doors that are inexpensive, timely and of high professional quality. So we are a natural choice for the people of Douglasville to turn to when it comes to Garage Door Repair on installation.

Garage door openers require three kinds of drives in their functioning namely the belt drive, the chain drive and the screw drive. Marantec, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Genie and Sears are the different brands of openers that we carry in stock and are available. Torsion and extension springs are the two main kinds of springs used in doors. For heavy doors, torsion spring is used and for lighter ones extension spring is used. This is the basic mechanism behind operation of doors and is useful to know if any maintenance of door is required or even while buying a new one. Professional help is essential for installation of these springs which is offered by Garage Door Repair Douglasville.

It is important to perform routine checks on garage door like ensuring it is well lubricated, whether it requires any repairs, if any springs need to be repaired or replaced and so on to increase the operating timeline of current door. All of these are done by our technicians at Garage Door Repair Douglasville so that your door remains working in top condition.

Do you need a remote? We will help you find the remote that best meets your needs and ensure you get the correct remote type. Opening and closing doors automatically via a garage door remote is very easy and also a time saver. We carry various remote brands that are available to choose from like Genie Intellicode, Clicker, Multicode and Liftmaster Security+

Your safety is our top priority. Garage door sensors prevent accidents that may happen due to accidental opening and closing of the doors. Garage Door Repair Douglasville will install door sensors as safeguards for you to give you that peace of mind when working with garage doors. We have most types of door sensors like ones with infrared, photo eyes and safety sensors that can automatically regulate garage door functions when someone is in direct path of it.

After performing service your door and it's parts need regular maintenance, repair and replacing several parts for better performance. This can help your system to perform the task for a long period of time without any accedient and save your money. In some cases lubrication is enough but sometime replacing is the last option you have got. Take a look at the important services provided our company:

* Bottom door rubber

* Weather strip

* Door off track

* Broken emergency release

* Cable misaligned with drum

* Repairing garage door sections

* Loose cables

* Replacing garage track

* Snapped cables

* Broken cables

* Repairing door track

So when you plan to buy a new garage door opener, get professional assistance right here at Garage Door Repair Douglasville. Our affordable round the clock service is just a phone call away and always comes with a smile.

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